Tuesday, December 17, 2013

YuGiOh OCG news shows a new anime series taking off in Japan

From the first Yu-Gi-Oh! to Zexal, and now a new series is here once again....in Japan that is. TV Tokyo yesterday has created a new launch page for the fifth installment anime based on the popular trading card game. The new series will be called "Arc-V", and will star Yuuya Sakaki as the protagonist, and wait until you find out his situation. He is trying to escape a bad reality by none other than smiling, but a duel he encountered forces him to face his situation and he soon ends up dealing with an infinite number of possibilities. Starting to sound a little complex? Your YuGiOh OCG news just got a bit intense in Japan.

The main theme for Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V is "Take a step forward with courage!!" and will be airing this coming spring on Tokyo TV and other affiliates. The current running Zexal series will still continue though, so no worries for you fans of that. You can catch some more highlights at the official launch page for Tokyo TV, assuming you can speak Japanese.



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