Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Has gaming technology finally reached its limits?

Having watched game consoles change so much over the years, Hideo Kojima knows a thing or two when it comes to hardware. In a recent interview with Xbox Wire, Kojima weighed in on how technology is at somewhat of a "crossroads". He believes that technology behind gaming hardware is now no longer about just that, but how that particular hardware will allow you and I, the players to interact with multiple devices and SNS platforms.

"Technology is at a crossroads, facilitating evolution perpendicular to the path we've taken thus far. It's not just about the next level of gaming hardware anymore, it's about how that hardware will allow games to interact with multiple devices and SNS platforms. Technology is fanning out in a horizontal direction as opposed to the vertical evolution of the past."

One special feature as stated recently is how there will a second screen support option for his latest Metal Gear creation, also allowing players to upload their own music to listen to while Solid Snake sneaks around the enemy camp. I say go for it. When asked about cloud gaming support, Kojima weighed in on that as well.

"I'm most looking forward to the 'pseudo-cloud' era that the next generation of hardware will bring. It's still one step away from the "true" cloud revolution, but it will allow players to interact with their games, and each other, in new and exciting ways using multiple devices such as tablets and smart devices. Social experiences and player interaction are what will drive the next wave of games."

So it looks like we're in for quite a bit more than what we've experienced with past Metal Gear games. I say the more the better, and if you haven't done so yet, do yourself a favor and check out the "Night Trailer" video below which shows off some more of that Solid Snake action in Ground Zeroes.



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