Sunday, October 13, 2013

Konami jumps through hoops fixing Pro Evolution Soccer 2014

Did Konami rush too fast in creating this year's PES (Winning Eleven) game? Perhaps, but they have assured their loyal fans that they are working around the clock to make good what started out bad. From a post that appeared on their game forums recently, was stated that they have identified some key issues with their latest Pro Evolution Soccer title, and that they are in the process of preparing a solution, "with the support of Microsoft".

Also stating that as soon as they can establish a date for an update to fix your PES blues, Konami will immediately notify their users via social networks, the press, PES community, and by way of the following link if you want to use that as well. I myself will post about it here of course, pointing you in the right direction if you need some help. Since the original launch on Xbox 360, they've been having problems left and right with the online mode. The original "day one patch" didn't yield the fix it was intended, even though Adam Bhatti had posted a temporary fix to  the community. See here for that fix, which by the time you read this might be outdated.

On the horizon also is an update that will bring an 11 versus 11 feature to PES 2014, along with the update to fix those frustrating online play issues.



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