Thursday, October 3, 2013

The last Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship Series kicks off tomorrow until October 6th in San Mateo, California

It's been quite a long and fruitful year for Yu-Gi-Oh! fans, whether it's all the great new merchandise, card sets, mangas or whatnot, there's certainly plenty to go around for the fans out there. Well, after all the glory of the tournaments being held this year and the nice prizes that went along with being the winner, one final Championship series is finally underway. Starting tomorrow from October 4th-6th, the last Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament takes off in San Mateo, California, at the county even center.

Participants will duel in the final showdown, with only one victor left standing to take home the prize package as usual. Still, if you simply want to show up to get in on the action and watch, you can do so at your leisure. For more information about events and future events, along with the latest card and merchandise release, please visit the official Yu-Gi-Oh! card website for more details. Select your country of origin to support your language.



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