Friday, October 25, 2013

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 has had its online mode fixed

It's been just a bit over a month now since PES 2014 launched with hits plague of problems. Online users who wanted to duke it out with friends and rivals were somewhat left in the dust. That was either with a slow performance experience, or none at all. Konami has been working around the clock to fix the issue, and has struck a eureka moment with their newly released patch. Along with fixing the online mode, Master League mode has been fixed too, as well well as the problems PES had with the data packs Konami put out.

The recent press release issued by Konami also reveals that in a few weeks, you will have access to an 11-VS-11 mode, as well as roster updates, 800 new player face updates, and more improvements and fixes that the feedback from players were asking and demanding for. Those will be arriving sometime in November, as no exact date has been given yet. The current update for fixing the online issue and getting Master League functionality can be installed automatically from your new Pro Evolution Soccer game. Have fun and see you on the soccer field!



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