Thursday, September 19, 2013

The new Yu-Gi-Oh! Judgement of Light: Deluxe Edition will be landing at a store near you the end of September

Besides the leaves starting to turn red and brown, the store shelves are starting to turn out more and more Yu-Gi-Oh! merchandise. The more the merrier right? Well, September 29th will see yet another release with the new Judgement of Light: Deluxe Edition hitting store shelves in a big way. Along with nine booster packs that have the "return of the Synchro Monsters", there will be two different boxes for you to add to your collection. One has the art of mystical Number C39: Utopia Ray Victory one it, while the other is the Prophecy box.

The first foil set contains Archfiend Emperor, First Lord of Horror and Flying C, while the other has a pack of 50-card promotional sleeves, along with preview cards for a new expansion set called Shadow Specters. Both of these "Vampire Kingdom" and "Dragon Shield" cards will be legal for you to use in your duels, which is why the Judgement of Light set is a must have for your collection. The listed MSRP price so far is $29.99.



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