Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dubai, India is this year's holding ground for the latest Pro Evolutioin Soccer tournament, with a grand prize of 10,000 Euros

Did you pre order PES 2014? If so, and you would like to participate in this year's Pro Evolution Soccer tournament, then your in luck. Pre order owners will get to be first in line for the lineup to win 10,000 Euros. Not bad for playing your favorite soccer game anyway. What's the catch? Well, you're going to have to head over to Zinklo Console Gaming which is located at Mulund, Mumbai, or the Federation of Gamers in New Delhi. You only have a few days left, as the closing date is September 14th, between 11am-12pm at the first location, and September 15th at the second during the same time bracket.

The winner of the PES 2013 tournament will get to walk away with a fist full of cash. Try 10,000 Euros on for size. The runner up will get to walk away with 5,000 Euros, along with a cool pair of headphones from Audio Technica. For the rest of you, well, thanks for participating. You at least had fun didn't you?

PES 2014 hits the store shelves on September 20th in the UK, while North America gets a release on the 24th. Here is looking forward to some great downloadable content afterwards.



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