Sunday, September 1, 2013

Another Castlevania inspired game takes to the streets of Gotham, with Batman: Arkham Origins BlackGate

I've heard Castlevania being called "MetroidVania" over and over until I turned blue in the face, but then again it is right down that same alley. But what of other well known titles out there being somewhat of a derivative of Castlevania? Sure there are plenty of them on the market today, Assassin's Creed took inspiration from it, but who would've thought that Batman would play a role in that category? Batman: Arkham Origins BlackGate in particular, as some of the areas in particular, like the prison level seem to stem directly out of the Castlevania realm. The design could have also been inspired from the series, or it could just be coincidence.

The "Vania" world has been doing the same wanna be or similar spin off titles ever since the first one hit the scene back in 1987. The Legend of 8 Eyes for the NES, and "Vampire - Master of Darkness" are just a couple of examples of games that Castlevania has given some design ideas to. Did they ever give it a one up?, I don't really think so, as nothing to me could ever take the place of the genuine article.



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