Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Senior research analyst David Gibson is saying that Konami has a Metal Gear game planned for release this year, but it's not The Phantom Pain

A research analyst named David Gibson has posted on Twitter recently that Konami has a new Metal Gear game planned for this year. Now what in the world could that be? Actually, let's put that into perspective shall we? First of all, it is NOT The Phantom Pain. That one is being said to not be released until the fiscal year ending March 2015. Yes, 2015! So what do we do until then!? Well, that is likely the purpose a Metal Gear fill in until that time arrives. Some are speculating a sequel to Rising Revengeance, but to me that seems too soon. Could it be Ground Zeroes?, which might be the first chapter in The Phantom Pain storyline? At this point  it's any person's guess, until Konami steps forward and makes an official announcement about it that is. You know how Hideo Kojima sometimes likes to drop the ball with a sudden surprise.

Tell me what you think it might be in the comment section below, I'd like to hear your feedback about it. By the way, is it my turn to go on the duck ride yet? On second thought I might end up breaking it.

Konami - still saying smaller Metal Gear coming this year (to be announced soon) while TPP title wont be until FY end Mar 2015



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