Monday, August 12, 2013

Robert Carlyle gets serious and takes the role of Gabriel Belmont along with Lord Dracula in the new Lords of Shadow 2 game

Konami recently shared another link on Twitter, which gives a little more insight as to how the role of the character Dracula is "still evolving". I thought after all these centuries, he had evolved enough! Well the more the merrier I guess. So let's take a look at the photos and other info they are talking about shall we? Robert Carlyle is the voice behind the almighty Gabriel Belmont and Lord Dracula in the upcoming Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 game. Him and producer Dave Cox sit down with destructiod in a joint session to give some more insight as to the development of the main characters and how they are evolving.

"[Gabriel Belmont] was much more of a big, muscly, barbaric, almost Conan-style character, and when Robert came on board, we realized we needed to make him more of an every-man, a more realistic character," to which Carlyle agreed, "This team was really open to interpretation and gave me a lot of leeway to give this performance some gravitas and emotional weight that it needed."

"In fact, we’re still tweaking the character on a daily basis to establish the character as fitting Robert’s performance."

A barbaric and muscle bound Belmont? Hey, I'm open minded about. I can't wait to see the end results for what Robert Carlyle and Dave Cox have planned for it. I'm sure it'll be at least a step up from the first Lords of Shadow game.



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