Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A victor in the "King of Games" Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship sees Shin En Huang from Taiwan coming out on top as the number one duelist

How does one keep up with all of these Yu-Gi-Oh! events? Lack of sleep has something to do with it, just as it had something to do with Shin En Huang, a fellow from Taiwan who said that he didn't sleep for 40 hours straight, which is why his first dueling game was a "mediocre" performance according to him. But that didn't stop him from coming out on top of the King of Games event at the Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship event recently. A two day event, and the first day was not so hot for him, but he came back the next day with both gloves on fighting to the very end against his final opponent David Keener, which was out of 26 duelists.

Huang told Taiwanese media, “Thank you everyone supporting and watching me in Taiwan, I’d like to also thank all the Asian contestants and delegates for helping me with translations and refuelling”. Huang also mentioned that he will be back next year to try to claim another victory. If that happens, it will be a first in Yu-Gi-Oh! Championship history. Huang used a "Dragon Rulers" deck, while Keener made use of a "Prophecy" deck. You can watch the video below if you want to check out the showdown between the two duelists. It's worth a quick look.



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