Monday, July 1, 2013

A new video trailer for Pro Evoluton Soccer 2014 shows more of how the new PES will look like it belongs to next generation consoles instead of current ones

With the Fox Engine taking over the world of PES, one would wonder what the end product is going to look like. So why not answer those questions from the developers themselves, along with a new trailer they've released which showcases more of the stuff the new Winning Eleven 2014 is capable of? According to Konami recently, the new title will provide "next-gen equivalent visual quality, bringing players the most comprehensive advance for the PES range since its inception" The details on how the new engine will make the environment more photo realistic than ever, revealing that "Each stadium's characteristics are captured, calculating the sunlight at that time and latitude executed in detail"

Konami went on to explain about the control and game play mechanics, in that the player will have a convincing player interactions, that will be like playing real football. There will be a precise and free control of the player and control of the ball at all times. The physics engine they are introducing will be titled names like M.A.S.S. and TrueBall Tech. Each of these deals with real time interactions with the players and the elements that affect them based on real life movements and circumstances, as I posted a while back in another article you can check out which explains each of them in detail, if you want to check that out as well. The video below will give some more insight on this and reveal more of how realistic the feel of the game will be once it makes its launch. When that will be is still unknown as of now, and only time will tell as development of PES 2014 takes hold. 



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