Saturday, July 6, 2013

A fourth interview with Kei Masuda is out for PES 2014 and reveals some new details about online mode and the anti-cheating tactics that are implemented

Don't you hate cheaters? So does Kei Masuda, and the rest of the PES 2014 development team. Another fine interview is now out with him, and this time the discussion covers online mode play, and the anti-cheating methodology that will be implemented into the new Pro Evolution Soccer game. Rather than add new features this time around, the Master League Online mode has seen a complete makeover, which will in turn give the player a fresh new experience this year.

On top of that, you know how the "Become A Legend" and Master League modes have gotten a little difficult to handle over the last few titles that were released? Well, that has changed for the better this time, as both have seen a complete change as well. Both modes are now said to be more accessible and give the player a better experience.

PES productions is now giving those cheaters a run for their money, as they are making it difficult for them to do so this time. Players who cheat?, they will be identified, and can even be punished when they are caught doing it. This is all about fairness obviously. No more cheating from those who won't play fairly. This will happen as the matches will be analyzed, and the tactics they are using to cheat will be identified, and thus dealt with accordingly.

As Kei Masuda also pointed out, this is all still in the production stage, and there is still no set date for Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 to be released yet. Personally I'm hoping it's this year, but as always only time will tell. The video below gives some more insight into the new online mode play and anti-cheating methods used, as well as some other details. All of these interviews keep springing up one right after another, but hey!, we don't mind do we? The more the merrier. As always, as new information comes out, I will post about it here as soon as I get a hold of it. Stay tuned.



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