Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The photo realistic faces of Konami's Pro Evolution Soccer game series or Winning Eleven 2014 could finally prove to be some real competition for FIFA

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 or Winning Eleven as it is also called could finally prove to be the soccer game the fans have been hoping for in terms of out competing FIFA. The Evolution in the title name has pretty much been that for the series, but last year showed that try hard as Konami might, the famous soccer title has come to a stopping point, and one that no matter what they do with the current engine, it can't get any better than last years PES 2013 proved to be.

That is finally about to change, thanks to the power of the Fox Engine, a photo realistic technology that the team is making great use of as we have seen so far with some incredible footage from the E3 event at the beginning of this month. Will it be enough to overtake its only competition from the folks at Electronic Arts? As with every year a new version is released, the fans decide that one in the end. While last year PES ran a close second to FIFA, this year just might be the turning point the fans were hoping for.

Let's take a quick look at some of the faces and rendering effects the new engine is using, based on some of the images floating around on the net. You can see below how famous players like the famous Cristiano Ronaldo, who by the way is one of the most paid and awesome football players who ever lived, is looking pretty darn close to the real thing. Photo realism is the key behind the Fox Engine, which can capture real life objects and people and literally transform them into a game play setting.

The latest trailer finally gave us a better look at this in terms of how it will all come together. Is that the end of it?, of course not as we get closer to a release date, improvements and additions will need to be made obviously. At this point though, I'm becoming more and more convinced that this year Konami could take the cake with soccer fans all over the world thanks to the new technology they are using for PES / Winning Eleven this time. In the end, you the player can decide for yourself of course. It seems this kind of rivalry doesn't end, and probably never will. Use the side by side comparison of Cristano Ronaldo to see if you can tell much of a difference.



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