Friday, June 14, 2013

The new manga for Yu-gi-oh 5D’s Vol. #04 gets a review done for it, for those of you who are interested beyond the realm of just dueling

Yu-Gi-Oh! has just seen two recent releases, and now a third has comes to light. This time you're looking at none other than issue number four of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's manga. Let me go back over the last release for the new Battle card pack number 2, which is called War of the Giants. The new set will come as a 215 card set which includes the following.

162 common cards
50 rare type cards
3 Mosaic Rare cards

Each of these new 5 card sets will have one rare card, a Mosaic Rare card, and three additional common cards. The strategy in dueling with these new packs involves that you divide up each pack evenly, and then each duelist will deal with only the cards from each individual new deck, thereby creating their own strategy play when dueling with others. One of the great concepts to keep the Yu-Gi-Oh! game fresh is based on this sort of thing. New monsters and methods for dueling with friends always remains new, keeping the game going on as long as it has been.

Now onto the MANGA, there is a nice review done by the folks at Fandompost recently which will give you a in depth look at the new manga issue for Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. The ratings they gave are listed there as well if  you just want to quickly know if it's worth checking out or not. Also, for the animated series of Yu-Gi-Oh!, don't forget to check YTV, and The CW, for Canada and United States. You can find the Zexal series, as well as classic episodes on weekends, starting Friday for Canada's network. For more information and new events, you can check out the official site. 



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