Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Four iOS games are on the horizon according to Konami, two of which will be casino type games called Casino League: Texas Hold 'Em, and Slot Revolution: Hero's Journey

Technology has gotten to a point these days to where you can literally have a casino in your pocket. Such is the case with two of the new iOS Konami titles fixing to land on your hand held devices soon will include Slot Revolution: Hero's Journey, which combines the concept of RPG style play, along with a casino game. The other is called Casino League: Texas Hold 'Em. Both titles were introduced at the E3 expo show recently, and featured a small part in the E3 trailer Konami showcased to the world.

Slot Revolution allows the player to select between different class characters, such as a wizard or warrior, and Casino League offers you online play against other card players. Play cards with a friend in another country?, no problem. Why not with the technology given in today's mobile force. The other two titles will probably tickle your fancy if you like baseball or just a good challenging title to take on the road.

MLB Live Challenge is a series that has been going on for a while now, and is a splendid baseball title with a twist. This card based baseball simulator with a slot machine slider type tactic for winning or losing the game. It has an online mode which keeps up with the players status on a 24 hour cycle. Stats will improve if you have a good game, while the reverse happens likewise, and therefore it's time to make some player adjustments and changes.

The other title is a somewhat cute title called Domo Jump. This title tests how far the player can climb using platforms. Simple enough. Each one of these titles will be free for you to play, but have purchases made within them. MLB Live Challenge will also be available on Facebook, as well as the iOS format. The videos and images below show what each will look like if you want to check them out.




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