Saturday, June 29, 2013

A new teaser video for the Crows X Worst manga is out, and shows some action involving fighting and rival school members based on the two series

Oh to live in Japan, where they get all the good stuff. I wonder if this little gem will ever make it to the rest of the world like so many others don't. Have you ever heard of the Crows and Worst manga series? The story is based on rival school members, specifically Bouya and Hana for this video, and the plot involves Suzuran mid-year where delinquent students go that isn't exactly any ordinary school. This is basically a crossover title fixing to hit the gaming scene, and Harumichi Bouya, being one of the main characters has one intention, to be the biggest and baddest fighter of everyone one else in the school.

Doing so sets off a chain of events that lead to more rivalry among other factions of students, which in turn create more and more fights. Sounds easy enough, except Hana is his major enemy, and he wants that particular title for himself. So carries on the fight to a new level.

So Konami has just released a new teaser video for a game based on the manga series, something they are famous for doing, and we don't mind that too much do we? It gets things hyped up like they want it. The new title is expected to be released this summer, but for what system? They haven't said what yet. You can look at the video and speculate if you want. A daily countdown has started at the official website for this new rival fighting game, and there are 4 more days until more details are known about it. Man I love those super punches in the video.

There are currently three live action movies and an original animation video made for the series due to its popularity. Not to mention a line of toys and such in Japan based on this crossover series. Like I said, Japan gets the goodies, and I can't wait to get a whiff of the final product.



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