Friday, May 10, 2013

You wanted to see Blade Wolf in action as a playable character in Metal Gear Rising Revengeance, and now you're fixing to get it in just a few days.

And just to showcase the beauty of Blade Wolf, a new trailer is out which shows him in action. Yes, the robotic and vicious canine with a chainsaw for a tail that we've all come to know and love will finally be available as some fresh downloadable content in just a few days from now. May 14th to be exact. The VR missions that were released a while back were a nice touch, but the JetStream Sam downloadable pack didn't fair to well with the fans out there.

Why is that? Well, the biggest complaint was the fact that playing JetStream Sam wasn't all that different from playing with Raiden. Players want more, a different experience that gives them more bang for their buck. So this time we have Blade Wolf, and here is hoping that this new downloadable content will give the eager players more of what they want in four days from now.

Here is the synopsis of this new download pack and what you can expect for your purchase.

"Reactivated by Desperado Enforcement's leader Sundowner and serving under Mistral, the DLC reveals LQ-84i's story prior to his battle and eventual partnership with Raiden, and his transformation into Blade Wolf. Players can battle countless enemies using an arsenal of weapons and abilities, culminating in an all-new boss battle"

The listed price for this pack for Xbox 360 will be $7 for North America, or 560 Microsoft Points will also grant you it. That's also £4.80 and €6.72 in Pounds and Euros. PS3 owners it will be €6.99. You can check out the trailer below to get an idea of what you can expect from your downloadable content pack which launches this coming Tuesday.

The PS3 pack will be released one day after on May 15th. So get a load of the Blade Wolf footage below and comment on what you think about it. I'd also like to know what sort of download content would you like to see be released for Rising Revengeance if you had your wish. Also check out the second video below, if you have time to kill. It lasts 90 minutes and REALLY shows off what Blade Wolf can do. Hats off to the massive lad that made that video for us.



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