Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Should The Twin Snakes be a part of the Legacy Collection in HD?

It seems that only Gamecube owners would remember this one, and for a good reason too, as it was only released for that system. Too bad, or not? I've heard mixed feelings about it, but you can make your own decision as to what you think of course. That's why there is a comment section below. Let me take you back a bit, to the last generation of consoles. The Twin Snakes was a remake of the original, with some modified areas of it, such as the game play feeling more like Sons of Liberty, rather than the original.

Then the cut scenes were beefed up a bit. Like the one with Solid Snake flipping way up in the air to land on top of a missile. I loved that scene. Some say it was outrageous, but then again there is a cut scene in Rising Revengeance where Raiden uses missiles as steps to reach a gigantic boss. Nothing wrong with a little drama is there?

But the main issue I wanted to ask all of you is this. Do you think The Twin Snakes should have been a part of the Legacy Collection? Some of you would certainly say no, since the original MGS game is with it anyway, and The Twin Snakes might be a waste for you. Then again there are many who believe that we should preserve it and have a full on HD version of it to enjoy for the future. Since there are various Metal Gear fans out there, there have also been mixed feelings about it.

Oh, and yes, I do realize Hideo Kojima explained that Silicon Knights did Twin Snakes, and that they wanted every HD title to be a bonafied Metal Gear created by them. This argument is simply academic on the issue, as some are even asking why we aren't getting Metal Gear Solid: Social Ops with the Legacy Collection either. But then again, that was a Japan release only for iOS and Android formats, even though it has surpassed 100 million downloads. So the final question I want to ask you is, if you had your choice, what would you add or take away from the new Metal Gear collection if you were in charge? I'd like to hear your feedback about it below.



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