Wednesday, May 8, 2013

How will the new PES 2014 or Winning Eleven 2014 as it is also called, compare to FIFA this year now that the Fox Engine has given it a complete makeover?

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 versus FIFA 2014. That's the new hot debate for soccer fans this year as we get ever so closer to the launch date for this year's new PES 2014 soccer game. For years now, the PES series, or Winning Eleven as it is called in Japan and South Korea, has evolved and changed significantly over time trying to adapt to the soccer fans expectations again and again. But in the past few years, the series has somewhat become exhausted, trying to build upon an engine that gets more and more dated as each new title comes out.

Fortunately, that is about to change, and change big time thanks to the almighty Fox Engine that was produced by Kojima Productions. Yes, the Fox Engine is not just for Metal Gear Solid 5 anymore, as its true potential has yet to be discovered. So why not give the new Winning Eleven and Pro Evolution Soccer game a complete makeover with it?

As you can see from some of the images below, the Fox Engine is giving not only the stadium and playing field a new photo realistic look, but the players as well. What you are seeing is the rendering of what at least seems like actual live players in the latest PES/Winning Eleven title, and the result is anything less than satisfying for soccer fans around the world.

Last year's release of PES was a great success, but also demonstrated that the current engine can only go as far as it can go. Even with the overhaul of the control system and new add on game features implemented. This time around, it looks like the series is being redone from the ground up, and a new question rises out of the ashes as a result.

Will this be the year that Pro Evolution Soccer / Winning Eleven finally outshines FIFA? If so, the Fox Engine could be the very life line that made it happen. As a fellow soccer fan, I have greater expectations this year than I ever have before with the PES series. The recent images and videos below may not do it anywhere near the justice it could deserve. Let me know what you think and what you hope will be implemented into Konami's hit soccer game. Now drool over some goodies below and comment about them if you like.

UPDATE - Due to the popularity of this post, I've decided to change out the video below to the latest E3 trailer for you PES fans. 



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