Sunday, April 28, 2013

Patches v1.04 for Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 are now out and fix a number issues and add some new features and experience to your game

I thought we had seen the last of the patches for the latest Pro Evolution Soccer game, but now there is a new one that's surfaced out there and fixes a whole host of issues, and adds some new features and experience to the game in the process. PES 2013 by the way, marks the last of the PES/Winning Eleven series before the Fox Engine takes a hold of it. Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 will be making good use of the Fox Engine, giving the series a breath of life. Now here are the new features the latest v1.04 patch delivers.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 v1.04 Fixes:
  • Fixes introduced to rectify the below issues. 
  • Master League Online 
  • When users start a match with their goalkeeper out of contract, they will start the match with 10 men as opposed to 11. 
  • Other adjustments have been made to make all modes a better gaming experience for our customers.
Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 v1.02 Fixes:
1. Fixes to the below issues. We would like to apologise for all inconveniences caused.
- Master League Online
>The transfer fee and contract fee shown when signing a player is different to the one shown in the breakdown of such costs.
> Changes to the squad and the team funds were not reflect immediately when signing/releasing players or receiving gate receipts from matches played.
- Master League
>Sometimes the game would freeze when items obtained in Master League Online were used.
- Performance Training
>It was impossible to complete the "Long-pass" training when Pass Assistance level was set to either [0] or [1].
>It was impossible to complete the "Manual-pass" training when the cursor was set to "fixed" when using Personal Data other than "no.1".
- Edit
>Sometimes the game would freeze when importing PES 2012 data. This applies to cases where implementing the data would result in players switching to wearing boots which were issued in PES 2012 Data Pack 3.
- Information
>When a new Data Pack was implemented, users were forced to restart their hardware as a message informing them of non-matching Data Pack versions would be displayed rendering some game features such as Master League Online, Competition and the Widget inaccessible.
2. The below additions due to customer requests:
- General
>Users can now choose to enable or disable the Auto Save feature in game modes including Master League and Become a Legend by selecting [System] then [Auto Save] in order.
-Football Life
>Players will wear boots which are unique to them in both Master League and Become a Legend. Any editing done to player's boot settings will also be reflected. However, please note that this only applies to save data created after the implementation of this patch file.
>Changes have been made to how teamwork levels between players increase.
3. General improvements to other modes to improve overall gaming experience.

Again, you can get the new patch as always from WorthDownloading



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