Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Silent Hill Revelations out in stores on Blue-Ray, DVD, 3D Blue-Ray and download formats for Pyramid Head to horrify your living room

I missed this a few days ago, but then again I try to keep up with so much, so here is the article anyway. Silent Hill Revelation 3D is now out in stores nationwide. This was the horror film based on the game series starring Adelaide Clemens as Heather, who if you remember also starred in X-Men Origins, not to mention she is a cutie pie.

Revelation 3D was released in theaters just before last Halloween, and although it didn't fair as well with a particular audience, those that aren't familiar with the Silent Hill series, it did end up earning about $100 million worldwide. It was an entire 6 years before that the first Silent Hill movie came out in 2006, which seemed to do a bit better in capturing a more broad audience. Micheal J. Bassett directed it, who also directed films like DeathWatch and Solomon Kane.

You can now own Silent Hill Revelation 3D on several formats, including SteelBook, Blue-Ray, Blue-Ray 3D, and standard DVD format. Since it is originally in 3D it would be so nice to have a 3D large TV screen in your living room for it to shine on. I wonder how much those suckers cost these days? Anyway, if you'd like to, check out the official trailer below in case you haven't seen this movie yet.

If you are a fan of the Silent Hill series, Revelation 3D will make more sense to you than it did a certain audience that basically had a hard time "getting it". I realize sometimes that story lines can be a bit convoluted if a person isn't familiar with its past. The Metal Gear Solid plot has that affect with some folks it seems.



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