Friday, March 22, 2013

Rumors and hints of Metal Gear Solid 5 keep surfacing as a new image shows Hideo Kojima and The Phantom Pain name

Lately there seems to be more and more hints and rumors about Metal Gear Solid 5, which is supposedly a next generation console title for PS4 and Xbox720. There is also a video trailer out there that I've posted below that is called "The Phantom Pain", which is *also* a supposed rumor that it may have something to do with Metal Gear Solid 5.

But what are you supposed to believe and not believe, as there is quite a number to choose from floating around out there. Well there is a slight hint of something that might be concrete that happened lately. Hideo Kojima himself Tweeted an image that just may have hinted at his involvement in MGS5 and the image shown if you visit that link is a quite intriguing.

Let me break this all down for you and make it simple. Look at the top image below. It clearly says Hideo Kojima on the screen right? Also remember Kojima Tweeted the image himself. Now take a very close look at the bottom image. Look at the text and see what it says. Here let me help you out, from left to right it states TPP_GDC 2013_720p_esrb.

Now the thing to pay attention to is the first 3 characters, which of course are TPP. Now what does that mean? How about "The Phantom Pain". That could be a bit obvious if you think about it. So I believe we now know that Hideo Kojima is involved in The Phantom Pain project, and unless official sources say otherwise, we can just stick with that.

Now is the big question to ask, is The Phantom Pain actually Metal Gear Solid 5? You see that's where I have a hard time dealing with this one. People out there believe that it is, but I haven't seen real proof of it. So as far as I know, TPP could be just an entirely separate game and project, having nothing to do with MGS5.

If any of you out there have any solid proof to the contrary, feel free to leave me a comment with some links showing it and I'll be happy to post about it here as soon as possible. In the meantime, take a good look at The Phantom Pain video trailer below, and then draw your own conclusion as to what's going on with this whole mess.

                                 TPP_GDC 2013_720p_esrb      The Phantom Pain perhaps?



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