Friday, February 1, 2013

Frontier Gate Boost+ gets an even bigger boost with new costumes and equipment

Fans of Frontier Gate have always enjoyed another fine aspect of the game, the ability to dress your character up the way you want. Frontier Gate Boost+ is no exception to the rule, and now Tri-Ace is giving the fans even more of what they want by adding some new costumes and equipment to the mix. Specifically Rumble Roses wrestler Reiko Hinomoto for one.

You can now get the equipment you need to dress your own character up just like her, and it doesn't even end there. Some costumes include one for Dixie Clemets, while others are for both male and female characters from Quiz Magic Academy, which you can see from the bottom images below. Other additions have been added as well, such as the almighty boost system, new monsters to deal with, and scenarios for the 15 partner characters.

For those of you who might be new to Frontier Gate, let me bring you up to speed on it. It is basically a cool RPG game where you are a pioneer on a new continent. It was developed by Tri-Ace, which in turn added a really nice expansion to the game with Frontier Gate Boost+, giving players new areas to explore, raising the level cap, and adding more gear and equipment to it. It also will feature more boost skills, something fans will definitely enjoy as well.

Originally released for the Sony PSP, the expansion boost game will also be released for the PSP soon too. How soon? You can look forward to being able to take this one home with you when it hits the store shelves this coming March 14th. The latest video trailer below showcases some of the game play within Frontier Gate Boost+ just to give you an idea of weather or not this title will be on your wish list this year. Enjoy!



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