Saturday, December 29, 2012

A new screen is released showing off a Cyborg Ninja costume for the next Metal Gear game

No wonder people want to have a Metal Gear cosplay outfit when they see this. Konami games development has graced us with an all new screenshot that shows off the Cyborg Ninja costume. It sort of looks like this is a camera shot of a Konami employee's computer perhaps? Anyway, as you can see the new shot shows just how awesome the ninja outfit looks like, and what we can expect as apart of the new Metal Gear game's features.

You can also check out a few of the other recent shots below, including a more close up look at the cool Metal Gear Rising Revengeance plasma lamp. If you want that puppy, you had better act now, because it's only apart of the limited edition set, and I'm not even sure there are very many, if any of them left. Konami only produced so many of them, and as of right now as I write this post Amazon still has them in stock. How long it'll stay that way is the next question.

You can expect to see Metal Gear Rising Revengeance hit the store shelves in North America this coming February 19th. Both Playstation 3 and Xbox360 consoles will see their copies respectively. Check out the images below, and then check out one of the most recent game play video trailers showcasing some of Raidens moves in action.

The bottom image is the content of the entire limited edition set for those of you who decide to get that version instead of the normal one. Pre-ordering that set also grants you a special "inferno armor", which is a visual upgrade for Raiden that allows him carry more items than normal, such as grenades and other related throwing type weapons. So what do you folks think of the Cyborg Ninja outfit? Anyone up for a Metal Gear cosplay session?



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