Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Episode 6 is now out for the Castlevania movie and ready for viewing

We are getting close to having every single episode of the new Castlevania game based fan movie, as we now have episode 6 out ready for viewing. I believe we're just one more final episode away from a complete movie, seven episodes in all, plus the behind the scenes episode that shows the making of it. I'm talking of course about Castlevania Hymn of Blood for those of you who might be new to this. Hymn of Blood is a high budget fan based movie, that's actually a really good quality film considering the budget and time constraint that they had placed upon them.

Each new episode releases each Tuesday at 12PM, and this new one is among the last 2 that were made. Actors like Michael Dorn (Worf on Star Trek TNG) and Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troy) have parts in it, Dorn playing as a wearwolf, which is a pretty fitting role for him, as he does it quite well.

The storyline behind Castlevania Hymn of Blood takes place with the birth of Simon Belmont, after having been born, he is then taken away from Lord Dracula's castle before he can christen him with his dark powers, thereby corrupting him. Once grown up and properly trained, Simon Belmont makes it his personal quest to rid the world of Lord Dracula and restore peace to the land.

The production crew of Hymn of Blood also wants to assure everyone that they are not affiliated in any way with Konami games development, nor does Konami endorse them in anyway. In fact, Konami seems fine with the issue, which is pretty nice in itself. So without further delay, check out the latest episode and see what you think about it so far. This one lasts almost 8 minutes and continues the storyline of Castlevania.



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