Friday, November 9, 2012

The next Castlevania movie episodes are now released, and are Internet based

I should be slapped for missing this one. Episode 2 and 3 are now out for the Castlevania game based fan movie, which again is a high budget fan made movie so don't underestimate it if you haven't yet witnessed the first one. In fact, let me just go ahead and post all 3 of the suckers right here and save you a step in the process. There you go.

Let me bring you up to speed if this is your first time watching, these episodes are from a full length fan based high budget Castlevania movie by IGN's START YouTube channel. It's called Castlevania Hymn of Blood and has a scheduled release for every Tuesday at 12PM. Each episode is over 10 minutes long, and further explains the storyline, but let me paraphrase the summary,

"Deep inside Dracula's Castle, Simon Belmont, the unholy heir to the Count is born in secret, and stolen away before Dracula can christen him with his dark powers"

The first episode was uploaded October 23rd, the second on the 30th, and the third episode was released recently on November 6th. So expect to see the next one this coming Tuesday the 13th, that being Episode number 4. A lot of effort and good acting went into this darling movie, so you and I, the Castlevania lovers don't have to wait forever for a Castlevania box office movie, which by the way in case you didn't know, is also currently in production.

Michael Dorn is starring in that one as a wearworf. Remember Dorn?, the guy that played Worf on Star Trek the Next Generation? Yeah, he's gonna make a great wearwolf I'm thinking. Hopefully we'll get to watch that one on the big screen sometime next year.

Oh, and about that REAL Castlevania movie I mentioned about, the one with Michael Dorn in it, you can find out a lot more about that one you can check out a post I did a while back about it and both read and listen to an interview with Michael Dorn by clicking here. Enjoy the Castlevania Hymn of Blood episodes below and check back for more releases as they take place.

                                                                     EPISODE 1

                                                                   EPISODE 2

                                                                  EPISODE 3




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