Sunday, November 18, 2012

The magic and wonder of the Silent Hill game music soundtrack

A while back, some really pleasant fellow managed to upload the 100% full soundtrack to the Silent Hill game from back then. There are a total of 100 songs in all, yes, 100 I said so it looks like this is indeed the full game music soundtrack to Silent Hill. I remember just how creepy the music was and after listening to some of these tracks it definitely brings back some good memories of our beloved horror series.

At that same page there is also time frame links with the title beside them to each and every song in case you want to skip to a certain segment and listen to a specific song. Also, if it is your intention to download the entire thing, you might need some help with that one. For that task, you can head on over to DvdVideoSoft and get a FREE YouTube downloader program that works with pretty much any YouTube video or song you can find. That link I just posted also has links to other free tools for converting YouTube files into other formats like MP3, or iPod. Free is good right?

By the way, that YouTube downloader program will install a toolbar or other program, unless you select for it not to do so. These free programs have a tendency to do that and try to entice you to purchase other products. It's nothing malicious or anything. So enjoy the video below and reminisce about old times.



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