Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Greatest Castlevania Music Of All Time, Symphony Of The Night

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I stumbled upon an interesting article recently about the greatest Castlevania music of all time, that of course being Castlevania Symphony of the Night. It's no surprise to the die hard Castlevania fan, especially when it comes to the fine work of Michiru Yamane, one of the biggest Konami names in Castlevania history to grace the game music scene. Also I've received a few requests from a few individuals looking for game music in general, as I'm one of the go to guys who knows where you can find an entire army of your favorite game music titles, and not just for Castlevania, but for a number of other hit titles as well. But first, the link to the article for Symphony of the Night, it can be found at 2D-X and makes for some excellent reading for those of you SOTN fans like myself.

As for whereabouts you can find a lot of game music, and in MP3 format at that, you can head over to a site that I created recently with some fine links to sites where you can find whatever you need. If you have a special request, feel free to comment about it and I'll do what I can to help you out. The link is located at my other blog called where you will find some useful links. Also, here is a video YouTube link for the soundtrack to Symphony of the Night you can check out. Enjoy.

UPDATE - I've closed that blog due to time constraints. Leave a comment if you need help finding certain soundtracks. Thanks.


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