Friday, November 16, 2012

Castlevania music tears up the stage with rock and roll Video Game Music Live show

This is why Castlevania music is so awesome, especially when a live rock band gets up on stage and starts rocking to it. Tommy Tallarico from the picture below can be seen on stage at the Lincoln center (where the heck is that at?) jumping around to Castlevania music, as you can also see the logo in the background just to prove it. The performance will take place along with the Fort Collins Symphony this coming November 20th as apart of the "Video Games Live Show". This is a rather cool and dedicated tribute band which plays music from various classic games, such as Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Mario Bros. 

So if you live in the area, and want tickets, you might want to hurry. Good grief I wish I could go. Oh well. Here is my own little tribute to the Castlevania game series, check out the video below of a creepy looking guy (Grim Reaper?) playing "Vampire Killer" from the original Castlevania from back in the 80's. Trust me you're going to love it, and comment on what you think about it. 



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