Friday, November 9, 2012

Discovering an incredible article for Castlevania music developer Michiru Yamane

We, the Castlevania music fans all know her, we all love her, and guess what, we all now miss her. She is none other than Michiru Yamane, and an incredible interview complete with various game images and music videos was done recently by the folks over at 1UP recently, and gets into deep discussions about how her life is after leaving Konami games development and what she is currently involved with. She had been with Konami for 20 long and grueling years, working so hard on not just Castlevania music, but other hits as well such as Nemesis 3 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Michiru also worked on classics like Twinbee and Goeman, two titles a number of you might not recognize when you see them.

You can also find part two of the in depth article at 1UP as well, because that's how long and detailed it is, and will give you some really good insight as to what Yamane has done for all of us and how she will be missed greatly. Perhaps the Castlevania game series will never quite be the same without her. As a personal tribute, I wanted to share a few of my personal favorite music tracks that I like as well. Listen and comment as to which Konami game music or tracks by Michiru Yamane you enjoy.

                           Castlevania Symphony of the Night Full Soundtrack

                                         Otomedius X OST Anoa Stage 1

                             Castlevania Portrait of Ruin - Crucifix Held Close



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