Friday, November 9, 2012

A cool new teaser image is out for Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2

Oh Dave Cox and Mercury Steam you big teasers, but then again, teasers get us more excited right? Either that or bursting apart at the seams. This one is no different, a cool new teaser image for the latest Castlevania game in development, Lords of Shadow 2. Dave Cox himself posted in on Twitter if you want to check that page out as well. After all, that's where you'll catch some of the highlights of Lords of Shadow 2 and how its development is coming along.

There was another teaser image also released last month that I posted about here and if you missed it then, that's no problem. Just look at that second image down from the top one and see what you think about that one as well. Also, if any of you happened to miss the announcement trailer put out a while back, it's at the bottom for you to watch, or just get a recap of it for those of you who did see it.

Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2 is set for a scheduled release sometime next year. If you've played the first Lords of Shadow Castlevania game from back in 2010 then you've already had a taste of what Mercury Steam is capable of and what sort of elements you expect from Lords of Shadow 2. Let me also point out something really nice for you fans out there.

One of the few complaints about the first Lords of Shadow game was that it was linear. Dave Cox and Mercury Steam have stated that will no longer be the case with Lord of Shadow 2, by non linear game play and more areas to explore. The downloadable content issue that the last Lords of Shadow game faced will be met with even more, higher quality content this time around. That should get your Belmont fever worked up.

I still haven't seen an answer to that almighty question yet, is Alucard going to be in Lords of Shadow 2? If that has been answered then I'm not aware of it yet so perhaps someone could point that out to me. In the meantime the video at the very bottom is an interview with Dave Cox about the last Lords of Shadow game and what sort of elements he and Mercury Steam plan on putting in the next chapter. Enjoy the images and videos and comment on your thoughts about them.

                                                               E3 Debut Trailer

                                                      Interview with Dave Cox


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