Friday, September 21, 2012

The new Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 is out, but how is it and will we get for our money this year?

That's the biggest question circling the minds of many Pro Evolution Soccer game fans, Ok, it's out now, but how is it and does it live up to the hype that Konami games development said it would? That's a question that needs a very lengthy review, like the one at DigitalTrends done recently. It digs deep into the question of whether the new Pro Evolution Soccer game will hold and weight against its biggest rival FIFA, which comes out in only a few days.

Not surprisingly, the review did have some downfalls, but overall it was a signifigant jump over past PES titles, thanks in large part to the complete overhaul that Konami did to the control system, along with various other new features. But does that mean it will compete head to head against FIFA and possibly outshine it? As of right now, that's a maybe, maybe not answer to that question.

When FIFA debuts here in about a few days, and both the new Pro Evolution Soccer game and FIFA have been in the hands of players long enough, that's the only time that everyone will know. PES has been through some major changes, and EA sports knows that, so the unknown element so far is how EA has prepared themselves this year, and it could be a close match.

Then again, that doesn't mean sales of the new PES are going be slow, I wouldn't be surprised if even after it was outsold by FIFA, it held a tight 2nd spot for the top 10 list we might see later on this year. It might take another month to see the results. Now watch the latest release trailer which lasts about 6 minutes.



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