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Sunday, September 21, 2014

It's a movie, not a game, as the director of Silent Hill Requiem fills your information needs

There still seems to be a number of individuals out there that are sitting in Silent Hill game land when it comes to the upcoming movie. Yes, I said movie, as Silent Hill Requiem is just that, a movie. And as it is being directed by Gareth Morgan, along with some other fine choice actors and actresses, you may be pondering some questions about it. Who will star in it, what kind of music soundtrack it will feature, and so on. Gareth has taken the time to put together a blog that will answer pretty much any question you could possibly have in mind, and I want to share it with you in hopes that you will also share it with others. The more people that get on board with this film, the better. So here it goes.

Silent Hill Requiem and the future

Howdy folks =)

Thought it was time to lay some info on ya about Silent Hill Requiem and the future of Silent Hill content from me and Zenithfilms.

Teaser One for Silent Hill Requiem has now been up for 3 weeks and has had over 2000 hits which is awesome!

So I am now onto page 15 of the storyboard in terms of the edit, there are 160 pages of storyboard, so still a way’s off yet, but I am working as hard as I can to get the film finished.

I have been showing work in progress cuts of what I have made so far to my team of peers, people I trust to give me an honest opinion, and they are all saying the same thing. It’s awesome and they can’t wait to see more. So with that kind of encouragement I am pressing on as hard as humanly possible. You must remember all of the work is now down to me. The actors have done their jobs, and so I can only work as hard as one man can ;)

I have had a bevy of questions levelled at me through my various social media pages so I figured I would answer them all here:

What is Silent Hill Requiem?:

Silent Hill Requiem is a feature film that was made possible via an Indiegogo crowd funding pitch. The pitch raised $5k, the highest budget I have ever had to work with. The plot to Silent Hill Requiem is that in the year 2014 the Otherworld has broke free of its boundaries and is now infecting the entire world. So an unknown force has brought back those that have faced Silent Hill before to try and stop it.

Who is the writer, director, editor and actors; anyone famous?

Silent Hill Requiem is written, directed and edited by me. I have been making films professionally for the past 5 years, but I started making films back when I was a teenager with my brother and his friends. I have been working in the creative arts all my life, I started out as a cartoon artist and from that moved to writing, acting (performing mainly on stage) and dancing (where I ran a Dance Company with a very good friend of mine) After that I spent a few years travelling around SE Asia and wrote my first novel, Constellation Gemini, a sci fi fantasy book about the last days of Atlantis, which I will be self publishing soon. Upon returning to the UK I decided it was time to get a degree and ended up with a First Class Honours degree in Film. And that led to me starting up Zenithfilms with no financial backing, just me, big dreams and a group of very talented actors and dancers that believed in me and my work. Most of these wonderful people you will see in Silent Hill Requiem.

Olwen Davies is playing Heather Cheryl Mason:

I first met Olwen when I was studying at University, but it was a passing meeting. It wasn’t until we had graduated that I got properly introduced to her and instantly knew she was an actress I needed on my team. Olwen spends a great deal of her time performing live in her own devised pieces and collaborating with others. Thus far she has been in nearly every film I have made since setting up Zenithfilms, whether that be a main role or a cameo and I have come to refer to her as the Face of Zenithfilms.

Gareth Morgan is playing James Sunderland:

Yep, that’s me, how could I pass up the opportunity to play my favourite character in the franchise? But anyway, you know me, lets move onto too…

Jade Louise is playing Maria/Mary:

Jade has been working with me now for the past two years and I met her through a student I used to teach. She spends most of her time breaking hearts as a model for a variety of different studios but now also works tirelessly in whatever project I throw her way.

Demi Apryl is playing Cynthia Velasquez:

Demi has also been working with me for the past two years as I met her the same time I met Jade. She also spends majority of her time breaking hearts as a model but also relishes any project I pass onto her, the darker the role the more fun she has with it.

Sam Swainsbury is playing Henry Townshend:

Sam is a very old friend of mine who I met through my brother. If memory serves me it was his dad’s camcorder that we used when we started to mess around with making short film pieces all those years ago. If you are looking for a famous actor in SH Requiem, he’s your man. Having appeared in a variety of different TV shows on British Television and performed live on Broadway, his most recent accomplishment was having a cameo in Thor 2! Sam is always up for a challenging role and is always a hit with the ladies ;)

There are of course other actors in the film, who play roles you will know, but to tell you who they are will just spoil the surprise ;)

What characters are in Silent Hill Requiem?

As a creative writer I have always been drawn to strong female characters and this is the general rule for any film I have made. The lead in SH Requiem is Heather and she is joined by James, Henry, Maria and Cynthia. There are many more characters in the film but I am holding off on announcing who they are, I don’t want to spoil the surprise, and the same goes for what monsters will feature in the film.

What game/s is Silent Hill Requiem based on?

Silent Hill Requiem takes its influences from the original 4 games made by Team Silent as I feel that these games capture what Silent Hill is all about. I am not however saying that I am ignoring the other games in the franchise. You will see references to nearly every game within Silent Hill Requiem, even nods to the recently announced Silent Hills. But in terms of an overall influence, Silent Hill 2 takes that honour. Silent Hill 2 is my favourite game within the entire franchise, not just because of the story, atmosphere and characters but because it is one of two games that has the town itself as the antagonist. So style, aesthetic and pace will all be leaning towards SH2 for this film.

Will you be using the music from Akira Yamaoka?

No, simple answer. Silent Hill requiem will feature all original music from a variety of different artists, some hand picked from the Silent Hill community themselves alongside the wonderful Maria Makarova and the awesome Warmer

When is it coming out? Why is it taking so long?:
The film will be out when it’s ready. I’m not trying to sound like a dick when I say that either, it is an honest answer. I can give no exact release date because the editing process is an unpredictable element, just as the filming process was. The entire film was shot in just over 2 weeks, most days were around 10 hrs long, and the longest day was 14. I am spending roughly 8-10 hrs a day editing, 6 days a week (I have to have at least one day off to keep a clear head) and some days I can get through a variety of different shots and other days I will be there for 10 hrs straight just working on one.

Today for example, I have been working on one shot since 6am this morning, it’s now 6pm and while it preview renders for the 15th time today (anyone who knows AE will understand that) I am taking the time to write this blog. Literately my entire life since February 2014 has been Silent Hill Requiem, and I will not stop until it is finished. So I appreciate that everyone is really hyped and cannot wait for the film, but you are going to have to have more patience and cut me just a tiny bit of slack. I am doing my best =)

I’m not a backer of Silent Hill Requiem so how can I get to see the finished film, will it be on youtube?:

Silent Hill Requiem will not be available on youtube, it is a feature film after all and youtube is not the right space for this sort of material; teasers and trailers will of course be on youtube.
The way that none backers will get to see SH Requiem is by becoming a backer to the next Silent Hill project from Zenithfilms.

Silent Hill Lazarus is a 12 part web series (I’m hopeful to make many more episodes than that, but it’s a starting point) that follows on 16 years after Silent Hill Requiem. The over arcing plot follows Jessica, a British psychology student, who has been brought to Silent Hill under false pretences and soon discovers she has a dark and twisted connection to the town.

Silent Hill Lazarus takes its initial inspiration from the cancelled Silent Hill game Cold Heart in terms of character and setting, and will take influence from such shows like Haven, Fringe, Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone. The show will also bring in other well known Silent Hill characters as well as creating new ones unique to the show.

By backing this show, via an initial crowd funder and then a continuing Paypal donations page, you will not only become a part of the continued work of Silent Hill from me, but you will also gain access to Silent Hill Requiem as either a Digital Download, DVD or Bluray, can’t say fairer than that now can you :)

And the last question that still brings a smile to my face

Is this a game or a film?

Well it’s from a company called Zenithfilms and I have never shown any gameplay, but yeah, I’ve been trolling everyone and it’s actually a new Handheld game from Tiger ;)

(Obvious joke is obvious)

Well that wraps up another blog post, I don’t do these very often, too busy making the films to spend time blogging about them, but I would like to thank you all for your continued love and support of me and my work.

As always to stay in the loop please join me on my various social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Youtube)  and be sure to swing by the Zenithfilms Store to satisfy your merchandising needs, and I’ll do this again when I’m nearer to completing the film and may finally have a release date….maybe ;)


And there you have it (back to me Dean Andrews now) as I hope this clears up any questions you might have had lingering. Now that you know all about it, why don't you show your support by sharing this with your friends and family! Indeed, great movies don't grow on trees, but like any project it needs you to help give it the attention it deserves. Be sure to like and share this with any others you know that might be interested on whatever social media or forum you like. Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Reddit, or any form of getting the word out. Your help will be greatly appreciated! 

Also, if you happen to be a fan of the Splatterhouse series, don't forget there is a preliminary project for that in progress too. But it needs funding, so for those of you who loved the series, you can help out with that as well. Even as little as $1 can help make a difference. Simply follow this link to check it out and get started!

Your Castlevania dream game is put on hold, at least for a while

With the departure of our beloved Koji Igarashi from Konami, also known as Mr. Castlevania, the fans have been ever so eager to learn about his next project which is supposed to take his handy work in the dark vampire series and created a whole new game based somewhat upon it. By that I mean giving his fans that of which they want. More of the kind of game play you find in those past "MetroidVania" type games we are so fond of. Igarashi wants to do just that, and in the process start his own independent company to make the kinds of games he loves so much. But this is where the hard part comes in my friends. Money.

It takes money to survive, and Koji is just like you and me and puts his pants on one leg at a time. So in the meantime he has to feed his family and take on a job doing titles for a mobile developer and publisher. He is in a rather tight spot, as he talked with IGN recently, and said that in doing so he will have to suspend his "dream game" until later on while he works to make a salary and help his family get by. "Publishers want data", which is the kind he doesn't have, he said. They crave cheaper Indie games or blockbuster AAA games, and getting the funding needed to start his dream game isn't always an easy task.

Igarashi did consider KickStarter as an option, but wants to lay such options on the table for now as he is a bit old school. “I think I’m perhaps a little more old school.” Fans want games quickly, and publishers can make development more efficient. Additionally, he asks himself “if it would make fans happy. Is this what they want? That’s the question I would pose toward the fans.” said Koji to IGN recently.

Now while we are seeing a few spin off titles of games like Castlevania floating around out there thanks to sites like Indie and Kickstarter, the true essence of the series lies within the man behind the mask itself. Of this, one can only hope that his "dream game" becomes apparent someday soon as he is a man with the real vision. One that only he can deliver in proper fashion.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

A new partnership to bring "Chronos Ring" to a possible mobile format

Konami and Tri-Ace have joined forces to bring to life a new type of JRPG game called "Chronos Ring". The new role player seems to be another turn based style game that takes a bit of inspiration from the "Monster Hunter" series, for those of you out there who are familiar fans of the franchise. Tri-Ace has earned a nice reputation over the years with its arsenal of great rpg games, and what a better way to introduce this one than to join up with Konami.

So far this does appear to be a mobile game, but one can only hope that if it does do well on the market, then maybe we will get lucky and see it land on other formats, or even be given a green light for a Steam PC release. With a name like Chronos Ring, perhaps it might also take some notes from the classic hit Chrono Trigger, assuming it has something to do with the time factor. The video below is pretty recent, and although it doesn't show too much in the way of game play, it does give you some insight as to what the game play mechanics are like.

In the wake of the big flag ship titles being introduced lately by Konami, this is one you need to keep an eye on and not let out of your sight. Decent RPG games are hard to come by right?