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Sunday, October 5, 2014

This blog has moved! The new news and fan blog is up and running

After so much toil and trouble posting here day after day, it was decided that the wisest thing to do in order to reach as many Konami fans as possible was to actually register a domain. You can now direct your attentions to the new news and fan blog, which like this one once was will be updated almost every day! Help us grow by using the like and share options on the page!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

A new partnership to bring "Chronos Ring" to a possible mobile format

Konami and Tri-Ace have joined forces to bring to life a new type of JRPG game called "Chronos Ring". The new role player seems to be another turn based style game that takes a bit of inspiration from the "Monster Hunter" series, for those of you out there who are familiar fans of the franchise. Tri-Ace has earned a nice reputation over the years with its arsenal of great rpg games, and what a better way to introduce this one than to join up with Konami.

So far this does appear to be a mobile game, but one can only hope that if it does do well on the market, then maybe we will get lucky and see it land on other formats, or even be given a green light for a Steam PC release. With a name like Chronos Ring, perhaps it might also take some notes from the classic hit Chrono Trigger, assuming it has something to do with the time factor. The video below is pretty recent, and although it doesn't show too much in the way of game play, it does give you some insight as to what the game play mechanics are like.

In the wake of the big flag ship titles being introduced lately by Konami, this is one you need to keep an eye on and not let out of your sight. Decent RPG games are hard to come by right?


Thursday, September 18, 2014

Take a look at a couple of new videos for MGS5 from the Tokyo Game Show

Metal Gear fans have been aching for it, and now they have it. Yet more game play footage straight from the bowels of the TGS event this year. Along with the initial short video showing the sexy sniper character known as "Quiet", there is also a nice long game play video showing a rather shirtless Solid Snake, this time with a bit more vegetation around him, making use of his iDroid and climbing up a cliff next to a large waterfall. Once again, this new video will give you some more insight as to what kind of obstacles you'll be facing when MGS5 finally releases in spring of next year.

Along with it, there were several other items of interest posted about about the same time. One being that director Hideo Kojima has decided to add some cool looking clothes and accessories, as well as shoes to go with his new brainchild. In this post you can get a small taste of what is to come, along with a Metal Gear Solid 5 edition version of the Playstation 4. Some are simply waiting for that to come out before they even get the new generation console. Others include a cool iDroid phone case to stash yours in, along with a prosthesis of Snake's arm, and a cool looking Solid Snake figure.