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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Your YuGiOh TCG experience just got better with bigger storage tins

So your YuGiOh TCG collection has gotten a little too big for comfort has it? You've bought so many new cards trying to keep up with the latest new sets that it seems your cards are starting to spill over onto the floor. No problem, as for you duelists your solution is just like any other, and lies in the form of a bigger tin set. The new mega sized 2014 tins are 15% bigger than previous tins, and should hold a much greater amount of your card collection than ever before. Each of the new tins will also feature artwork from the competitive tournament decks you've come to know in the past, such as Fire Fists, and Bujins.

Each tin will include 3 16-card mega packs, which will have the best of the best from past booster sets such as Legacy of the Valiant, Shadow Specters, Judgment of the Light, and Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy. Also included you will get 12 common cards, 1 rare card, 1 super rare card, 1 ultra rare card, and 1 secret card to boot. Also included fans will get 3 variant cards based on the mega tin theme. Cards include a super rare card, a never before seen rarity, and a platinum secret version of the mega tin monster. With 12 foil cards per tin, you can expect to be able to get your hands on this set for an MSRP of $19.99 per tin set when released on August 29th.

Also don't forget to catch your favorite classic YuGiOh, Zexal, 5Ds, and GX series anime episodes online at the new official page located at today!

Monday, August 25, 2014

Free downloads for video gaming music are here to stay

Another one of those elements we tend to get attached to in the world of games is the music within them. You're home from work, you fire up your favorite action title or RPG and then you stumble upon a music piece that sounds so wonderful you just can't get enough of it can you? I've been there and done that, and in doing so you also have that desire to somehow get that favorite track off of the game and onto your PC, Mac, or mobile device. Sometimes a little harder than you expect, and sometimes a real pain in the rear end. I say let someone else take charge of that, and you can reap the rewards in the end.

One site has put together the greatest collection of video gaming music you could ever hope to see, and this includes just about every system your brain can imagine. KHInsider is your one stop for free downloads of all your favorite game soundtracks. The cost? Why none, and let's hope it stays that way as I imagine it will since it's been there for quite a while. They are constantly updating with new add on files and soundtracks, and this also includes anime downloads and arcade music to boot! This only scratches the surface too, and if you're in the giving mood you can donate to help them keep the bloodline going, and the free downloads going along with it. Drop by and see if your favorite soundtrack is sitting there waiting for you.

via KHInsider

Free YuGiOh anime episodes online are here to brighten your day

Free is good right? Especially if you are are a long time duelist of the famous trading card game from Konami. The YuGiOh franchise has gotten so big, that championships all over the world take place every year, with duelists alike competing for the top prize to take home and show off to friends. Tens of billions of cards sold in the process, and still counting. It's no wonder you can walk into almost any major retail store and see your favorite series sitting on a shelf staring back at you. As a token of appreciation for all of that commitment to it, I think a reward is in order don't you? The powers that be think so too, and thus have taken the time recently to throw together a site you just can't resist.

Labeled the "official" site, they've whipped together a number of pages that offer everything from information on your favorite characters, to your favorite YuGiOh anime episodes online, free of charge of course! Indeed, no simple snippets of video here, just full length episodes of both classic YuGiOh, and the Zexal series added in with it. They've also recently added the GX and 5D series, full seasons to boot. If you haven't checked it out yet, I suggest you do so now. Also from what I understand, it also depends on what part of the world you're in. English and some Japanese with English subs included.

Information on many various cards for duelists can be found there too. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section below. First launched in April this year, they are constantly adding new material all of the time. So check back on a regular basis, and keep dueling!

via YuGiOh Anime Episodes Online