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Thursday, August 28, 2014

Check out a photo ad for the new Silent Hill movie to be featured in a game magazine

It's coming along rather nicely I should say. The new Silent Hill Requiem movie that is. If you've been keeping track, which if you're a fan then I hope you have, then you will be happy to know that the filming process is complete, with the editing now underway. Gareth Morgan is at the helm, and is getting ever so popular by the day. As an added boost to his reputation, he has a new advert photo ready to be implemented into an upcoming game magazine. Rightly so, as many more people need to be made aware of his new film project who aren't already, and I invite you to share this with your friends while your at it.

Silent Hill Requiem was born out of a necessity, one that will deliver to you what you've been demanding for quite a while. A horror movie for the fans, and by the fans. When Revelations came out, it didn't exactly fit the bill for the much devoted SH lover, and left them counting their pennies after wasting a good 10 bucks at the box office. After the project sees its final completions, director Gareth Morgan also plans to do a 12 part series, which takes place 16 years after the story of the movie. Talk about planning far ahead! There is much to look forward to, and for those of you interested, use the links below to keep up to date on what's been going on with the project. You won't regret it.

Also be sure to check out the official Zenithfilms store to get a copy of your favorite prints and T-shirts. You know you want one!

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Time to get all the baby laughs out with the horror puzzle in Silent Hills

You're sitting down to eat dinner. The table is nicely laid out, family gathered around, and then it happens. The phone rings, which answering it during evening hours is the last thing you want to deal with for the day. It's quite the opposite situation with the new Silent Hills P.T. playable demo currently sitting on the Playstation Network. P.T. standing for "Playable Teaser", but there is no teasing around when it comes to the final puzzle that the fans have been pulling their hair out trying to solve. The mystery of the ringing phone, and even though one person stumbled upon it by accident, many others have been debating on how to trigger the event.

Problem solved thankfully, as "The Grand Debate" of Silent Hills is shown step by step in a new video posted a few days ago. The main ingredient? Three baby laughs, and that's no laughing matter. The video shows how to trigger the final event and even manages to put the unusual messages in an order that can be made use of. After the phone rings, picking it up will cause the trailer to activate, and your horror puzzle blues are finally laid to rest. Until your next nightmare occurs, not too long from now hopefully.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Your YuGiOh TCG experience just got better with bigger storage tins

So your YuGiOh TCG collection has gotten a little too big for comfort has it? You've bought so many new cards trying to keep up with the latest new sets that it seems your cards are starting to spill over onto the floor. No problem, as for you duelists your solution is just like any other, and lies in the form of a bigger tin set. The new mega sized 2014 tins are 15% bigger than previous tins, and should hold a much greater amount of your card collection than ever before. Each of the new tins will also feature artwork from the competitive tournament decks you've come to know in the past, such as Fire Fists, and Bujins.

Each tin will include 3 16-card mega packs, which will have the best of the best from past booster sets such as Legacy of the Valiant, Shadow Specters, Judgment of the Light, and Lord of the Tachyon Galaxy. Also included you will get 12 common cards, 1 rare card, 1 super rare card, 1 ultra rare card, and 1 secret card to boot. Also included fans will get 3 variant cards based on the mega tin theme. Cards include a super rare card, a never before seen rarity, and a platinum secret version of the mega tin monster. With 12 foil cards per tin, you can expect to be able to get your hands on this set for an MSRP of $19.99 per tin set when released on August 29th.

Also don't forget to catch your favorite classic YuGiOh, Zexal, 5Ds, and GX series anime episodes online at the new official page located at today!