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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A real Silent Hill essence can be felt in Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities

Inspiration comes in many forms. Some from the writings of great minds, and sometimes even from video games. Such is the case with Forgotten Memories: Alternate Realities, a game that takes inspiration from the real Silent Hill world and seems to be doing quite a good job in the process. If you have the hardware or in this case the right mobile device or game system you're in luck. The SH driven horror title should be right down your alley, as it has the look and feel of a Silent Hill world. The dark and creepy setting on top of the character design is a chip off the old shoulder.

Which brings me to a new question. The SH series has been declining over the years, so could this be a reverse inspiration? Meaning, should the series take after a horror game that seems to capture what made it so great to start with. Sounds confusing I know, but the franchise could use a complete reboot if you ask me. There was talk of using the Fox Engine in the past to give it a make over, which sounds like a winner to me. Take a look at the game play trailer below and tell me what you think.

Formats include Windows, MAC, iPhone, iPad, Wii-U and PSVita

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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Your Metal Gear awesome details hot off the grill at GamesCom

Konami will be delivering the goods at the GamesCom event soon. The two biggest titles awaited by you the fan will of course be those Metal Gear awesome new details you've been waiting on for a while now. Next on the plate will be the chance for fans to actually be able to play the latest Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 game, something soccer lovers have been eager to know more about. This is also a golden opportunity to really showcase the power of the mighty Fox Engine on both games. The powers that be made a statement recently in regards to their photo realistic technology.

"Will perfectly demonstrate the versatility and power of Kojima Productions’ Fox Engine, whilst delivering a new experience in visual quality and the power of the new wave of console systems.”

Details on MGS5 and the chance to play PES 2015 will take off during next months GC event, which will be held on August 13-17 and be open to the public. A PS4 and Xbox One version will be available to see for those of you lucky enough to attend the show. The primary focus for this year will be on these two titles as well. 

Monday, July 28, 2014

The prospect of a Metal Gear fan remake goes great with the timeline

The Metal Gear timeline seems to be going backwards recently. With Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain taking place before Guns of the Patriots, and now a group called Outer Heaven is stepping up to the plate to do a Metal Gear remake of the original hit that was released around two and a half decades ago. I say well and why not? Konami has already given the go ahead to the OH, provided of course that they refrain from profiting from it, understandably. So why is this a good idea for you and me? Let's take a look at one important thing you might not know.

Some of you are only familiar with the NES version, which even director Hideo Kojima sticks his nose up at. Rightfully so, as there was an alternate version made for the MSX computer system which was superior in many ways. The NES didn't even have the MG nuke machine at the end. Yeah, just a "super computer". What gives? So Kojima stepped up to the plate and did a better version for the system some of you have likely never heard of. I owned one, and know how awesome it is, and the same matter took place when "Snake's Revenge" launched a while later. The MSX version called "Solid Snake" was once again a much better version.

Now for the bad part. It looks like the team has decided not to do anything with the project, at least for the moment. The forum for its news or listing has been taken down without any kind of explanation or comment. Does that mean it's gone for good? Perhaps, but the prospect for a MG remake is hopefully appetizing enough to keep it alive through the efforts of someone else. If you or someone you know might be interested, or would like to contact the team. Follow the link below and maybe the project can be kick started again.

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