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Friday, April 18, 2014

Posted by Dean Andrews On 12:43 PM 0 comments

Contra Evolution now a free game to download for your Android device

Last year saw the release of Contra Evolution, a complete overhaul and remake of the original classic Contra game from way back in the Nintendo 8-bit days. When it first took off, it had a modest price tag of .99 cents. Konami has now decided to lower it to a price that anyone can afford, and that being free of charge. Indeed, if you have an Android and want to download Contra Evolution, it won't cost you a dime. And now for the catch part, as it still has "In Game Purchases" you can make.

Scrape that issue aside if you can, and your good to go if you haven't yet tried this remake of such a great classic hit from the late 1980s. Evolution has some excellent graphics, the music is incredible to listen to, and it of course like the original it can be one heck of a challenge. So much a challenge that the only thing the game lacks, is the ability to use the 30 man Konami code trick that the original title was so famous for. Check out the video below if you haven't seen it in action yet.

via Google Play Store


Posted by Dean Andrews On 12:28 PM 0 comments

Google Chrome Web Store adds a "Konami Code Test and Discover" app to find Easter Eggs

It's Konami Code awareness time, as Google has added to their Web Store a new add on application for your Chrome browser called the "Konami Code Tester", created by Swiss marketing agency Suisseo. You've likely seen it time and again, the code being used in website to do everything from making it look like part of the site had gotten blown up, to causing dinosaurs to appear wearing funny hats on sites like VOGUE.

There are so many possibilities still left, site code designers have placed the old Gradius code so that only a select few intellectual types can identify and find it. Well that's no longer the case, as for those of you who use Google Chrome for most of your browsing and surfing needs, will be able to identify immediately any site that has the Konami code built into it.

Who knows, perhaps you might run into a site where you input the code, and it makes a fairy appear to spread pixie dust all over your computer monitor. Or it could even make a level of Gradius appear, complete with full fire power!

via Google Chrome Store

Posted by Dean Andrews On 12:12 PM 0 comments

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival gets a rating from the Australia classification board

Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal World Duel Carnival was released in Japan the later half of last year, but has now finally gotten a rating from the Australian Classification Board. The dueling game contains both a free duel mode, along with a story mode, which involves characters Yuma Tsukumoto, Reginald Kastle, or Kite Tenjo, and starts you at the beginning of the Duel World Carnival. Those new to it should check it out on the Nintendo 3DS.

via Australia Rating Board

Classification G
Consumer Advice  
Category Computer Games
Date of Classification 16 April 2014
Publisher KONAMI
Production Company  
Country of Origin JAPAN
File Number T14/0963
Classification Number   261962           

Posted by Dean Andrews On 11:58 AM 0 comments

Shueisha's V Jump magazine to announce manga one shots for YuGiOh GX and ARC-V

While Japan is now enjoying the new YuGiOh Arc-V anime series, Shueisha's V Jump magazine will be adding fuel to the fire by announcing this Monday manga one-shots for both YuGiOh Arc-V and the GX series. Their August issue will feature the one-shots and is due to ship in Japan on June 21st. The GX is said to be drawn by artist Naoyuki Kageyama, and will feature J┼źdai, also known as Jaden in the English version. The character will be accompanied by his heroes, along with other new ones making an appearance.

ARC-V is backed by designer Naohito Miyoshi, and will reveal the dueling battle between Yuya and Akaba. The April 6th launch of ARC-V took place on Tokyo TV and its affiliates, but no word yet if the fifth anime series will make it to other parts of the world, as I'm sure some of you have on your wish list. Also be sure to check out the two links below for news, events, and updates, along with the second link showing your favorite episodes of YuGiOh streamed for free.

via Yu-Gi-Oh Card
via YuGiOh

Posted by Dean Andrews On 11:43 AM 0 comments

Konami will be releasing the new YuGiOh! Dragon of Legend booster set in one week

You've been asking for it, waiting a long time and now you're going to get it. Konami will be releasing the long awaited Dragon of Legend booster set this April 25th in participating stores. The new set contains creatures and monsters from all four YuGiOh! anime shows, which is what duelists have been asking and demanding for some time now. There will also be included some popular ones the fans have been requesting, adding to your existing arsenal.

Among the list will include such cards as Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight, Amulet Dragon, Legend of Heart and many more.DOL will have an MSRP of $3.99 per pack, and have at least four Super rare cards, and even a secret rare card. Dragon of Legend will altogether contain 51 cards, with 21 being secret rare and 30 super rare cards. As always don't forget to check out the two official links below, one being the news and events site, and the other with episodes you can watch online for free.

via Yu-Gi-Oh!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Posted by Dean Andrews On 8:43 AM 0 comments

Two great Silent Hill games from the past are headed to your PSVita system soon

Isn't this a nice welcome treat for your hands. A blast from the past, as two excellent Silent Hill games will be headed to your PSVita hand held system soon. Both Silent Hill: Shattered Memories, and Silent Hill: Origins will be available on the Playstation Network for you to download to your Vita. The exact date has not been announced yet, but the price for each will be £7.99, with the US price also not set.

Shattered Memories was something of a remake of the original Silent Hill game, with an all new face lift in terms of graphics, and a plot that changes throughout the game depending on the choices you make along the way. Origins was likely the better of the two, getting pretty high ratings from the review sites out there. Those unfamiliar with one or both can check out a couple of game play videos below, and see if it's something you want to take on the road with you. As soon as I get word of a set release date, I will post it here as always.

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Cesar Octavio Celaya uses his time to create some impressive Metal Gear art

The imagination is always the deepest source for inspiration when it comes to artistry, and that's certainly no exception with an artist by the name of Cesar Octavio Celaya, who lives in Monterrey, Mexico. He is a fan of Metal Gear games, and has taken the time to put together some magnificent works of art. Most of them for Solid Snake and Big Boss, but all of them a total eye full. I always enjoy game art and those who take the time to use their talents so the rest of us can enjoy them, and these gems are among the best.

Cesar's page is located at Behance, a site dedicated to artists, graphic designers, photography, and illustration pieces created by its members. Cesar also has other works of art besides Metal Gear Solid, such as Call of Duty, WatchMen, and even Schindler's List. Be sure to check them all out and give him a click on the "Appreciate This" button located there at the bottom of the screen. These three images you see below are only just a handful based on the links below.

via Behance